SB 1080 Part 1 – Imagining, Labs & Diagnostic Exams

Old Chinese Proverb- “The Harmonious Family Brings Prosperity”

Hello AMAAZ Members!

This post begins one of five posts which will inform you of the most important added items in SB 1080. AMAAZ and our legal team has worked tenaciously on this bill over the last 12 months.

The first section is extremely important and defines what we do as medicine. The common misconception of the general public has been that we only practice a specific modality and do not practice medicine. We most certainly do, whether eastern, western, or both we do diagnose. Our medicine has been the predominate treatment for billions of people over the last 2,500 years. We are most certainly in the practice of medicine. Scroll down for our new definition in SB 1080.

This new definition provides the framework to allow the LAc to perform procedures that are more consistent with the practice of our medicine while utilizing modern medicine to measure our results thus, opening the door for us to use medical diagnostic tools, which will be discussed in Part 2 of the five-part series.

This is setting the groundwork for us to eventually move towards our profession being recognized as primary care physicians within the state of Arizona.


Dr. Lloyd Wright, DACM, LAc, DNBAO

President, AMAAZ

Under Section 13 “Miscellaneous” states:

13. Modifies the definition of acupuncture to mean a system of medicine based in traditional practices and informed by contemporary science…

To read SB 1080: acupuncture; scope of practice; assistants Sponsor: Senator Barto, LD 15 Committee on Health & Human Services

Click Here: H.SB1080_021522_HHS.pdf (