SB 1080 Part 2 – Use of Imaging and Labs

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We hope this series is helping you understand how our scope has changed since SB 1080 was signed by Governor Ducey on March 22, 2022. Please keep in mind that this is our opinion based on our understanding of the law. The State of Arizona Board of Acupuncture Examiners (Acupuncture Board) will be processing all these changes through the Rules process. There will be ample opportunity for public comment during this process.

Before we jump into the defined modalities, to be clear, we do not anticipate that anyone will need to change their current style or method of practice or need to obtain additional education to their existing practice.

There will not be any special certification issued by the Acupuncture Board. However, SB1080 does specify that an LAc must have adequate education to utilize any modality used in the clinic. Those levels of education will be detailed in the rules process as a recommendation and will be up to the practitioner to acquire or maintain.

The second part of Section 13 states the language authorizing the use of imaging and lab testing (see below). The use of labs and imaging are important to help us determine a diagnosis, referrals, and as an objective measurement of our patient’s progress. It also provides us with a more informed basis for communicating with other medical professionals, and more communication between professionals benefits our patients.

For many of us, additional education may be needed to optimize our ability to utilize the information provided by labs and imaging. Many CEU courses are currently available and many more will be forthcoming. We recommend working closely with a medical professional, MD, DO, DC, who can help with these objective assessments for those who do not wish to order labs or imaging studies.

The language below supports our use of physical and clinical examination which we learn in our patho-physiology courses and are part of our current intake. Additionally, we are now able to ORDER diagnostic imagining (e.g., X-rays, MRI, and CT scan) as well as clinical labs (e.g., CMP panel, Hormone panel, etc.).

This is setting the groundwork for us to eventually move towards our profession being recognized as primary care physicians within the state of Arizona.


Dr. Lloyd Wright, DACM, LAc, DNBAO

President, AMAAZ

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Under Section 13 “Miscellaneous” states:

c) Using decision support tools, including physical and clinical examinations; and

d) Ordering diagnostic imaging and clinical laboratory procedures to determine the nature of care or to form a basis for referral to other licensed health care professionals, or both. (Sec. 1)

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SB 1080: acupuncture; scope of practice; assistants Sponsor: Senator Barto, LD 15 Committee on Health & Human Services

Click Here: H.SB1080_021522_HHS.pdf (