SB 1080 Part 3 – Herbal Therapies And Fingerprint Process

Hello AMAAZ Members!

We hope this series is helping you understand how our scope has changed since SB 1080 was signed by Governor Ducey on March 22, 2022. Please keep in mind that this is our opinion based on our understanding of the law. The State of Arizona Board of Acupuncture Examiners (Acupuncture Board) will be processing all these changes through the Rules process. There will be ample opportunity for public comment during this process.

In this post, we discuss the third part of SB 1080, which defines the use of herbal therapies. The term “prescribed” is consistent with the practice of medicine and confirms our ability to prescribe herbs. This term would include Chinese herbs. The right to prescribe protects our ability to use herbs in our practice and is a requirement for some malpractice companies to cover herb utilization in the clinic. There may be a time when natural substances, such as herbs, become restricted from public use. The law protects our right to use herbs for our patients.

Many of us have more than sufficient education in herbal medicines, and we don’t anticipate any additional educational recommendations in this area.

All professional boards in Arizona are now required to update the fingerprint process. You now MUST possess a valid fingerprint card from DPS. We suggest you begin obtaining a valid fingerprint card from DPS to comply with the upcoming new requirements. Please read the information below.

This is setting the groundwork for us to eventually move towards our profession being recognized as primary care providers within Arizona.


Dr. Lloyd Wright, DACM, LAc, DNBAO

President, AMAAZ

Section 16:


Fingerprint Clearance Card Requirements

9. Deletes the requirement that an applicant seeking an acupuncture license or acupuncture detoxification specialist certification must submit a full set of fingerprints to the Board for obtaining a state and federal criminal records check. (Sec. 2-3)

10. Directs an applicant for initial or renewal of an acupuncture license or acupuncture detoxification specialist certificate to possess a valid fingerprint clearance card beginning January 1, 2023. (Sec. 2-3)

11. Modifies the definition of agency relating to the Board of Fingerprinting and Fingerprinting Division in the DPS to include the Board. (Sec. 5, 6)

12. Includes acupuncture licensees and acupuncture detoxification specialists certificate holders in the definition of person as it relates to the Board of Fingerprinting and Fingerprinting Division in the Department of Public Safety (DPS). (Sec. 5-6)

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SB 1080: acupuncture; scope of practice; assistants Sponsor: Senator Barto, LD 15 Committee on Health & Human Services

Click Here: H.SB1080_021522_HHS.pdf (