SB 1080 Part 4 – Injections

Hello AMAAZ Members!

The fourth part of SB 1080 includes the use of injections. Various injections have been a part of TCM since 1941 and commercially available since 1954 in China. Since then, many advancements have been made. Other states currently have injections in their scope including Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Washington.

Other states are taking notice of Arizona producing a big win for our profession with the passage of SB 1080. We can all take credit for moving our profession forward here in Arizona and showing national leadership.

As we move forward to enable Licensed Acupuncturists to do more for our patients here in Arizona, I’d like to report to everyone that we are getting a vast hurray from fellow LAcs all across the country.

Here are a few comments we have received so far.

From Arizona, “Congratulations, Lloyd. So happy for you. Thank you as well as Shannon and Senator Nancy Barto for getting this 22-year wait-a-thon to finally materialize as All GOOD things come to those who wait.”

From New Mexico, “CongratulationsDr. Wright! Great work on the legislative achievement.”

From California, Congratulations and thank you!”

From Florida, “Wow, congratulations!”

We believe adding more tools to our existing toolbox of skills can only benefit our patients and our respective practices here in Arizona.

The new scope of practice will be an entirely voluntary upgrade to the individual practice and practitioner. It will be up to the individual practitioner to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to apply this technology to the benefit of their patients. Educational standards for the use of injections will be recommended. We will be convening a special AMAAZ committee to review each of these states and make recommendations to the State of Arizona Board of Acupuncture Examiners based on our findings.

We hope this series is helping you to understand how our scope has changed since SB 1080 was signed by Governor Ducey on March 22, 2022. Please keep in mind that this is our opinion based on our understanding of the law. The State of Arizona Board of Acupuncture Examiners (Acupuncture Board) will be processing all these changes through the Rules process. There will be ample opportunity for public comment during this process.


Dr. Lloyd Wright, DACM, LAc, DNBAO

President, AMAAZ

To read:

SB 1080: acupuncture; scope of practice; assistants Sponsor: Senator Barto, LD 15 Committee on Health & Human Services

Click Here: H.SB1080_021522_HHS.pdf (