Laser Pain Away™ Franchise Opportunity

Laser Pain Away™ is about to file FDD, franchise documents and open the state of Arizona.  As an AMAAZ Board Member, I am offering exclusive discounts to acupuncturist and current students in AZ to join the company in its Arizona Franchise start-up phase.

The important work that you have been doing or are currently learning about can not be overstated in its importance with rejuvenating or healing patient’s health pathologies.  Current estimates within the US with patients seeking treatments of chronic injuries alone is $52 billion this year, that being on low back/neck pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.  This modality falls into your new AZ Acupuncture scope of practice and is an important step forward to compliment your acupuncture practice and to be up to date with your Western Medicine knowledge and business competition.

Laser Pain Away™ focuses on rejuvenating cellular tissue structures by moving blood, XUE, that is in a stasis form, therefore creating circulation and promoting ATP production inside the cell, QI, through a process called photobiomodulation.  Laser treatments create neo-angiogenesis, new blood vessel formation, and healing is immediate.  The company has exclusive deals with Lightforce™ on its lasers and I am offering this opportunity exclusively to acupuncturist in the state of Arizona!  Below is a YouTube link for you to copy and paste into your web browser that will explain the modality in more detail.  I look forward to your questions and interest into creating a better life for your patients!


Dr. Jason Caldwell DOM, CEO/Medical Director

Office number 480-370-0527