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Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal offers compliant, reliable, low-cost solutions for your practice’s medical waste disposal and management. MWD is a family-owned and operated business, and that’s exactly how they treat their clients: like family. This approach has seen them become one of the region’s top rated companies.

As the managers of acupuncture clinics, we all know the costs associated with the disposal of needles and other sharps waste. We’ve found that, in many instances, many offices do not produce enough volume of sharps waste to warrant a scheduled pickup service. Instead, a “disposal by mail” service is a more affordable and convenient solution.

MWD’s mailback service allows you to order the exact size and quantity of sharps disposal containers that you need. Nothing more, nothing less, you simply send the containers back to them once they are filled, and reorder as necessary! A pickup service is still necessary for those who produce larger quantities of waste to remain in Compliance.

Please have your Practitioner Membership number ready and call 800-563-3854 or go to Website: www.medicalwastedisposal.com for mail back.

For members of AMAAZ –

1 qt sharps or 5 qt sharps with disposal for $37.50


2 gal sharps with disposal for $45.50