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Headline Practitioners

Benefits For Practitioners:

Benefits Practitioners

AMAAZ serves the profession and members by providing:

  • Participation at the state level: advocacy for the regulation of our profession with the State Board of Acupuncture and the Arizona State Legislature
  • Participation at the national level: legislative presence with national associations to participate in making public policy decisions regarding acupuncture in health care
  • AMAAZ website offering free advertising to our members and providing member’s specialties for the public to select the practitioner’s location and specialty for their care
  • Continuing Education seminars at a membership discounted rate
  • Networking opportunities within out professional community
  • Becoming ASA’s members
  • Quarterly newsletter

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Headline Students

Benefits For Students:

Benefits Students

Your state professional organization offers these incentives:

  • Be informed of Arizona state laws regarding your profession! How many CEU credits do I need to maintain my license? What is our scope? Why hasn’t our scope been updated in 20 years? Good people, let’s organize ourselves.
  • Have someone working on your behalf with the AZ board of acupuncture.
  • Legislative presence with the ASA student council. ASA is the Acupuncture Society of America.
  • Be in the know with Medicare. “Medicare is coming.” This is a market force that could have serious consequences for L.Acs.
  • Networking opportunities within our professional community. Introduce yourself! Explore opportunities to learn from experienced practitioners!
  • AMAAZ website offers free advertising to our TCM schools and student activities.
  • CEU opportunities tailored to your interest. Want to learn laser? Labs? Insurance billing?
  • Becoming ASA’s student members

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